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Life sentences for sabotage, protection of pension savings: Putin signs last laws of 2022

Children of SVO participants will be able to enter universities under a quota

MOSCOW, December 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed 92 bills into laws over the past two days following the concluding days of the autumn session of the State Duma and the Federation Council. All documents have been published. They are the last laws of this year. TASS has brought together the key novelties.


- A sentence for life has been introduced for sabotage, while persons that are found guilty of funding sabotage attacks will now face the blocking of their bank accounts

- Websites containing information about how to make munitions are to be blocked without a court ruling

- Adjustments have been made with respect to punishment stipulated for foreign agents that violate rules

- Criminal punishment has been introduced for desecration of the St. George ribbon

- Penalties have been increased for establishing NGOs that urge people to neglect their civic duties

Support for people that were called-up as part of partial military mobilization

- Children of participants in the special military operation will be allotted a quota to enroll in higher learning institutions

- People that have been called-up as part of the partial military mobilization won’t face punishment for expired weapons licenses

Economic development

- The notion of non-resource non-energy export has been enshrined in law

- Adjustments have been introduced for the mechanisms to control foreign investments in strategic sectors

- More powers have been given to the commissioner to protect the rights of entrepreneurs

New rules for cab services

- New rules have been introduced to regulate taxi services

- A ban has been introduced for cab drivers to continue working if they have several unpaid fines

Rights protection

- Russians will be able to refuse to provide biometric data as a condition to get services

- A system has been introduced to guarantee the rights of people that are members of pension savings programs (with non-governmental pension funds)

- The maximum interest rate for micro loans will be reduced to 0.8% a day starting from July 2023

- Fines have been introduced for the owners of information resources if they refuse to remove restrictions to access publicly significant data (including if the restrictions have arisen as a result of sanctions)


- Russia is to establish a unified database of genetic data

Integration of new regions

- Enforcement proceedings have been established for the new Russian regions

- Taxation procedures have been established for the new Russian regions

- The new regions will be integrated in the system of Russian intellectual property protection system

- A transition period has been established for alcohol producers in the new Russian regions

- The Russian cabinet will set rules for government purchases in the new regions over the next three years.