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Russia, US move along the right path in fulfilling Geneva summit’s agreements — Putin

Russian President described the meeting with US President Joe Biden as fruitful in general

SOCHI, October 21. /TASS/. Moscow and Washington are moving along the right path, fulfilling the agreements reached at the Russian-US summit in Geneva, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

"What did we agree on there? About the launch of consultations on the strategic stability issues, and these consultations kicked off, they are also underway on the issues of cyber security, and this began at the expert level," the Russian leader said.

"So, we can definitely say that although the range of issues, on which we agreed, is small, still, we are on the right path, these are the most important issues today. In general, the [US] administration and Russia are fulfilling these plans and are moving along this path," he stated.

Putin described the meeting with US President Joe Biden as fruitful in general. According to him, this summit made an impression for Russia that Washington seeks to revive bilateral ties. "It seemed to us, and when I say us, I also mean my colleagues, that in general the [US presidential] administration is set to build relations, revive them somehow and in some crucial areas," he stated.

The Russian leader noted that the Russian-US trade turnover has grown by 23%. "This is an indirect effect of our meeting with [President Biden] in Geneva," Putin stated.

"So, in general, we are on the right track, although unfortunately, now I will speak about the sad things, but we also see a certain setback, like we used to say ‘one step, two steps back.’ This also happens, but still on some general agreements we are moving forward," Putin said.

On June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden held talks in Geneva. This was their first meeting as heads of state, as well as the first Russian-US summit since 2018. In their joint statement, the two leaders underscored that the sides intend to launch a comprehensive bilateral dialogue on strategic stability, which will be substantial and energetic. Besides, Moscow and Washington plan to begin consultations on cybersecurity, prisoner swap and arms control.