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Russia-NATO Council meeting not on current agenda — Russian diplomat

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko suggested to wait for the results of the NATO summit which will be held soon

BERLIN, November 26. /TASS/. The issue of organizing a Russia-NATO Council meeting is not on the current agenda, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Tuesday.

"As for the Russia-NATO Council, the matter is not being discussed," Grushko said. "A NATO summit will be held soon. So, let us wait and see what it decides," he added.

"We never stopped political contacts, we never suspended political dialogue," he noted. "When there are some topics the discussion of which can improve the military security situation in Europe in this or that segment, naturally, we will not dodge such large-format meetings," he added.

Touching on real steps the Russia-NATO Council could take, the diplomat pointed to the necessity of "open communications channels between the militaries."