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Kremlin warns against focusing on Trump’s views on Severodvinsk incident

The Kremlin spokesman said the population’s safety was fully ensured after the incident

MOSCOW, August 13. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has refrained from commenting on the recent emergency in the Arkhangelsk Region and called upon journalists to rely on statements by Russian organizations, and not remarks by US President Donald Trump.

"You know that the organization that was making the tests has already issued a statement on this score. They provided information and explained the causes of the emergency that occurred during the tests and, to our regret, caused the death of our colleagues, who died as real heroes," Peskov said. "There is nothing for me to add. I am asking you to rely on the information our organizations provide."

Earlier, Trump tweeted that the United States realized a lot after the emergency in the Arkhangelsk Region, bearing in mind that the US had similar missiles.

Peskov also said that the safety of residents of the Arkhangelsk Region has been fully ensured after the incident.

"Naturally, all the competent agencies in this situation are doing everything and fully providing for the safety of Russian citizens. There can be no doubts about that," the Kremlin spokesman told journalists.

The incident at a military test site near Severodvinsk, the Arkhangelsk Region, occurred on August 8. The Russian Defense Ministry said two were killed in an incident involving a liquid propellant engine. It did not elaborate. On August 10 the corporation Rosatom said that five of its staffers died in a fire and explosion that followed during a missile test on an off-shore platform. Three others were taken to the hospital.