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Moscow City Duma election campaigning kicks off in Russia’s capital

The campaigning will end on September 6

MOSCOW, August 12. /TASS/. Pre-election campaigning of Moscow City Duma candidates is beginning on Monday on two Moscow’s television channels and two radio stations.

Each registered candidate has an opportunity to have his video or audio recording lasting one minute broadcast three times free of charge. The campaigning will end on September 6, the election silence day.

The Moscow City Duma election is scheduled to be held on September 8. A total of 233 candidates, including 171 candidates from political parties and 62 self-nominees, have been registered. Registration was denied to 57 potential candidates, including 39 self-nominees. A total of 129 candidates will be contesting Moscow City Duma seats from parliamentary parties: 45 from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia(LDPR), 44 from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) and 40 from A Just Russia. Nominees from the Yabloko, the Communists of Russia, Rodina, the Greens and the Party of Growth are among the registered candidates as well.