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Russian airmobile rescue group arrives in Turkey to aid with earthquake aftermath

Three Russian planes landed at Adana airport

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations rescuers have arrived in Turkey to take part in elimination of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Three Russian transport planes - two Il-76s and one An-148 - landed in the Adana airport, delivering over 100 rescuers and medics, as well as nine specialized vehicles. The group is also equipped with an airmobile hospital for the victims. The rescuers are equipped with endoscopes, ground-penetrating radars, thermal vision systems, acoustic search systems, which make it possible to detect a person up to 4.5 meters deep, as well as drones for overhead observation. The Ministry group also includes service dog teams with experience of search and rescue of those caught under collapsed buildings.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit Turkey’s Kahramanmaras Province late on Monday. The quake, followed by almost 150 aftershocks, was felt in 10 provinces of Turkey, as well as in neighboring states, including Syria, which also suffered major destruction and numerous victims. According to the latest information, about 2,400 people died in Turkey, and almost 14,500 people got injured.