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Knife-wielding man shot dead by police in Russia’s Tatarstan

The perpetrator was a local resident born in 2004

KAZAN, October 30. /TASS/. Police officers of the Kukmorsky District of Russia’s Tatarstan have shot dead a man who threw bottles with explosive liquid at police vehicles and attacked one of the officers with a knife, the region’s interior ministry department informed.

According to the press service, at about 00:30 am Moscow time, a police officer noticed fire and shattered glass on the ground while parking his vehicle near the police station. An unknown perpetrator threw another bottle with explosive liquid in the direction of the parking lot, and then attempted to flee the scene.

Two police officers began to chase the perpetrator. After the policemen reached the man, he began to threaten them with a knife. "The young man did not react to repeated demands to stop the unlawful acts. He actively resisted arrest, causing several knife wounds to one of the policemen," the message informed.

The officers were forced to open fire, shooting the man dead. The press service informed that the perpetrator was a local resident born in 2004. The injured policeman has been hospitalized, there is no threat to his life. Head of Tatarstan’s Interior Ministry Department Artyom Khokhorin arrived at the scene.