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Putin: Russia ready to supply rocket engines to Argentina

Vladimir Putin said that domestic business was interested in projects in Argentina

MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that domestic business was interested in projects in Argentina and suggested that the South American country should buy Russian-made rocket engines.

"Roscosmos [Russia’s state space corporation] could share its accumulated potential for the development of space hardware and make the deliveries of rocket engines that are absolutely competitive and have been supplied up to now to many countries of the world, including the United States, despite all the restrictions we know about," the Russian leader said after negotiations with Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

The Russian president also named civil nuclear power engineering and hydraulic power development among other areas of bilateral cooperation.

Russia and Argentina have reiterated their commitment to observe the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and agreed to focus on such topic as measures to strengthen the trade system and reform the international financial architecture within the Group of Twenty. 

The two leaders "stressed the importance of an open, transparent, non-discriminatory and inclusive multilateral trade system based on the WTO rules, and reiterated their commitment to the efficient multilateral negotiating process within the WTO," the document says.

Russia and Argentina also agreed to continue cooperation within the Group of Twenty, including with an aim of promoting priority topics of Argentina’s presidency in the Group of Twenty in 2018. Among such topics are measures to strengthen the multilateral trade system, reforms of the international financial architecture, development of the labor market in conditions of technological changes, funding infrastructure and the search for a sustainable food security model of the future.

"The presidents stressed their commitment to continue efforts towards the soonest signing of a trade and economic cooperation memorandum between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the governments of the Mercosur (South American regional economic organization comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay - TASS) member countries," the statement sys.

Russia reiterated its commitment to the comprehensive development of relations with Latin American and Caribbean countries and Argentina stressed its readiness to help expand such ties.

"Russia will participate in the G20 summit, which will take place in Argentine this yeaer," Putin said, adding that "we share the priorities of Argentina’s G20 chairmanship and are determined to boost practical cooperation to promote them."

The Russian president pointed out that while exchanging views on global and regional issues, the parties "noted that the two countries’ stances on many matters are similar or even coincide." "We plan to boost cooperation with our Argentine counterparts within international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and develop ties within the Eurasian Economic Union and Mercosur," Putin added.

He also invited his Argentine counterpart to visit Russian again in the summer of 2018 to attend the FIFA World Cup. "We will be happy to welcome you, Mr. President, and football fans from you country who will come to support their team, one of the World Cup favorites," he added.