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Deputy PM sees need to foster competition among Russian mobile operating system producers

The Deputy PM stressed the need to establish a close cooperation between Aurora and Kaspersky Lab

VLADIVOSTOK, September 9. /TASS/. Russia’s government does not prioritize the Aurora mobile operating system, considering it necessary to develop competition between local producers of mobile operating systems, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov told TASS on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum.

"We are interested in making sure that there are Russian solutions that would make up an ecosystem of protected solutions, particularly for exports, in the segment of operating systems for mobile devices, for manufacturing facilities, Internet of Things. No one has ever said that Aurora is our single priority. We would welcome competition and the formation of more ecosystems," he explained.

On the other hand, the government expects local producers of mobile operating systems — KasperskyOS (Kaspersky Lab) and Aurora (Rostelecom) — to establish a close cooperation to offer high-quality solutions to users. "Exceptional quality of solutions distinguishes us in that area. Those are the best solutions indeed, and we will surely compete for clients that need cybersecurity. In this respect, we would like Aurora and Kaspersky Lab to establish a close cooperation," Akimov noted.