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Russian destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov comes to Ukrainian ship's aid

Seven people were on board the Ukrainian ship, two of them were injured

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. The Russian Northern Fleet’s anti-submarine ship The Vice-Admiral Kulakov has extended assistance to a Ukrainian fishing boat in the Mediterranean, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

"The Vice-Admiral Kulakov received a mayday call from a Ukrainian shipping boat, 097 with a crew of seven on board (all Ukrainian citizens). Two of them needed medical assistance," the Defense Ministry said in a news release received by TASS.

As follows from the news release, the Russian ship picked up the distress message at 08:20 Moscow time to instantly hurry to the rescue.

"At 09:45 the Russian ship approached the Ukrainian fishing boat and took measures to provide assistance required. A group of Russian sailors and medics boarded the Ukrainian boat in distress. The affected sailors are receiving first aid," the news release runs.

The Ukrainian fishing boat has been adrift for the past two days since its engine went dead on November 21. A four-point storm on the sea and strong gales complicated the rescue operation.

At the request of the captain of a distressed Ukrainian vessel, The Vice-Admiral Kulakov has taken the boat in tow and is tugging it to the nearest berth near the island of Crete, the press service of the Russian defense ministry said.

After the rescue operation is over and the Ukrainian boat is handed over to rescue services, The Vice Admiral Kulakov will continue its mission within the Russian naval group in the Mediterranean, the ministry added.