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Artificial intelligence technologies prevail on Army 2023 agenda — Defense Ministry

It is also noted that special attention is paid to unmanned aerial vehicles

PATRIOT PARK /Moscow Region/, August 15. /TASS/. Artificial intelligence technologies have taken center stage in the scientific and business program of the international military-technical forum Army-2023, Major-General Alexander Osadchuk, the head of the Defense Ministry’s Main Department of Innovative Development, has told the media.

"The scientific and business program of the forum in 2023 is focused on artificial intelligence technologies and diversification of the defense industry complex, the newest control and intelligence systems, high-accuracy weapons and robotics. Special attention is paid to unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a booming sector both in the military and civilian industries. In fact, we are talking about the creation of a new independent, knowledge-intensive and high-tech industry," Osadchuk said.

The Army-2023 forum also features products that defense industry and research organizations carried out at their own initiative.

"Many such projects and solutions by their characteristics meet the required tactical and technical parameters and are successfully implemented by troops involved in the special military operation," Osadchuk said.

He also emphasized that special attention during the forum was being paid to unmanned aerial vehicles.

"The level of production of drones of various classes and means of combating them, the development of the system of training centers for pilots and operator crews, as well as the scale of the combat use of UAVs have reached a high level. At the same time, we are talking not only about aerial application of UAVs, but also operations by troops that use drones on the water and on land," Osadchuk said.

The Army 2023 international military-technical forum is running at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center, the Alabino training ground and the Kubinka airfield west of Moscow on August 14-20. About 1,500 leading Russian defense enterprises and 85 foreign companies and businesses from seven countries are participating. The Russian Defense Ministry is the forum’s organizer and TASS is its media partner.