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Medvedev encourages maintaining high rates of arms production

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council stressed that now "everybody is keeping an eye on" how arms are being produced"

MOSCOW, January 24. /TASS/. Thousands of units of the most sought-after weapons and equipment have been supplied to troops since the beginning of the year and this pace must be maintained, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting of the Russian Military-Industrial Commission’s working group controlling the production of the most in-demand types of arms and military equipment.

"This year, since the start of this year, the most highly sought after weapons, military equipment and munitions are being supplied. This is roughly thousands of units and, and, naturally, the rate that was achieved at the end of the year should be maintained in the current period as well," he stressed.

The working group’s meeting was held during a visit to the Kalashnikov plant in Izhevsk. "We’ve just gotten a look at the equipment and today we will talk specifically about the manufacture of the most requested types of arms with an emphasis on drones that are particularly in demand during the special military operation. Naturally, we will discuss a slew of other checklist questions especially since there is always the necessity to return to them, to see what and how is being produced," Medvedev emphasized.

Later, the deputy chairman took to his Telegram channel to write that "MIC enterprises are increasing the deliveries of reconnaissance and strike drones and loitering munitions to Russia’s Armed Forces for the needs of the special military operation."

At the meeting, Medvedev separately stressed that now "everybody is keeping an eye on" how arms are being produced. "And our adversaries are watching, periodically making statements that we [lack] one thing or another, either we have just enough rockets left to be used 2.5 times or something else along these lines. Here, I would like to disappoint them - we have quite enough of everything," the politician concluded.

In December, Russian President Vladimir Putin established the office of his first deputy in the Military-Industrial Commission and appointed Medvedev to the post. On January 10, Medvedev informed of the creation of the Commission’s working group on control of the production of needed armaments.