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‘Sane and cognizant’: Putin reassures world Russia not going to ‘wave around’ nukes

The Russian president assured that Russia wasn’t going to randomly threaten the world with nukes

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Russia is aware of all the dangers and consequences of using nuclear weapons, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) on Wednesday.

"We are sane and cognizant of what nuclear weapons are about," Putin said.

The head of state highlighted that it was not Russia that started talking about the use of atomic weapons. "Here's the former British Prime Minister [Liz Truss] she said straight away in public that she was ready to do it [use nukes]. I had to emphasize some things in response to that, too. I had to lay emphasis on many things in response to her statement."

Putin continued by saying that nobody even paid the slightest attention to what ex-British PM Truss said at that time.

"However, everything that we say in our statements is instantly blown out of proportion and the whole world is sent into a panic over such remarks," the Russian president said.

Putin reaffirmed that Russia is not only in possession of nuclear weapons, but it has "more advanced and more up-to-date [nukes] than any other nuclear power. This is an obvious fact as of today."

He assured that Russia wasn’t going to randomly threaten the world with nukes.

"We are not going to wave these weapons around like a razor blade throughout the world, but, of course, we proceed from the fact that they do exist," the president noted.

"They are a natural deterrent. They do not provoke any expansion of the conflict. [But] they are a deterrent. I hope everyone understands this," Putin maintained.