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Rostec upgrades artillery fire control system

The upgraded Planshet-M-IR system is accommodated in an armored vehicle

KUBINKA, August 22. /TASS/. Signal research institute has initiated the upgrade of the Russia’s first mobile artillery control package Planshet-A, to provide it with an interface with drones and other reconnaissance aids, Industrial Director of Rostec Bekhan Ozdoev told TASS.

The upgraded system is designated as Planshet-M-IR, the top manager said. "The upgraded Planshet-M-IR system is accommodated in an armored vehicle. Its primary purpose remains to control artillery unit equipped with towed guns, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars. However, the upgraded version of Planshet-A will have an opportunity to control fire aids having organic automated aiming and fire control systems of ASUNO type, developed also by Signal research institute. Therefore, the developed system will enable to control artillery fire of either newly delivered firepower or pieces supplied to troops earlier," Ozdoev said.

Capabilities of the Planshet-M-IR for interaction with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will be expanded significantly, CEO of Signal research institute Vladimir Pimenov noted. "While it was only possible to exchange coordinates and assign tasks when working with UAV in the automated mode earlier, then the Planshet-M-IR will enable receiving and showing the image transmitted from the drone in real time. The commander inside the vehicle will see developments on the battlefield and make timely fire control decisions," he added.