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Trump says new US nuclear strategy is aimed at making use of nuclear weapons less likely

According to US President, it enhances deterrence of strategic attacks against the American nation, and its allies and partners

WASHINGTON, February 3. /TASS/. The new US nuclear strategy (Nuclear Posture Review (NPR)) is aimed at making the use of nuclear weapons less likely, according to a statement by US President Donald Trump the White House spread on Friday.

"Over the past decade, despite United States efforts to reduce the roles and numbers of nuclear weapons, other nuclear nations grew their stockpiles, increased the prominence of nuclear weapons in their security strategies, and-in some cases-pursued the development of new nuclear capabilities to threaten other nations. Meanwhile, successive United States administrations deferred much-needed modernization of our nuclear weapons, infrastructure, and delivery systems. The 2018 NPR addresses these challenges," according to the US President’s statement on the Nuclear Posture Review.

"The strategy develops capabilities aimed at making use of nuclear weapons less likely. It enhances deterrence of strategic attacks against our Nation, and our allies and partners, that may not come in the form of nuclear weapons," the statement said.

"And, importantly, it reaffirms our commitment to arms control and nuclear non-proliferation, maintains the moratorium on nuclear testing, and commits to improving efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to nuclear terrorism," the US leader concludes.

The US President ordered his government to prepare a new nuclear doctrine on January 27 last year. The previous similar document was approved under President Barack Obama in 2010.