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Police vans arrive at Right Sector office in Kiev

A rally of the nationalist movement is due to take place on "maidan" in Kiev at 19:00 Moscow time (17:00 GMT) on Tuesday

KIEV, July 21 /TASS/. Two buses with law enforcers and two police vans are on duty outside the Kiev-based office of the Right Sector radical nationalist movement, the organization’s press service said.

"The repressive system is getting ready for the final battle but still we are going to win," the Right Sector’s press service said commenting on police actions and adding that a rally had been scheduled to take place on "maidan" in Kiev at 19:00 Moscow time (17:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

"We can judge whom the authorities fear most and whom they consider to be the main enemy by what forces President Poroshenko mobilized to crack down on several Right Sector fighters near Mukachevo (Western Ukraine): dozens of vehicles and hundreds of Interior Ministry officers; riot police, the National Guard as well as some Ukrainian army units," the Right Sector said in its press release.

A few days earlier, Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector movement which has been banned in Russia as an extremist organization, said that time had come to think about Poroshenko’s resignation and the disbandment of the government and Verkhovna Rada (parliament).

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeoffrey Pyatt, who visited Uzhgorod, Western Ukraine, on Tuesday condemned the Right Sector’s actions in Ukraine’s Trans-Carpathian region and said that the use of force and weapons was the prerogative of the Ukrainian government, army and law enforcers.