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Over 100 people killed in Lugansk in past 2 days - head of Lugansk republic

LUGANSK, June 15, /ITAR-TASS/. More than 100 people have been killed in combat operations in the Lugansk People’s Republic in the past two days, head of the republic Valery Bolotov said on Sunday.

“These include civilians and members of the volunteer corps,” he told a news conference.

Commenting on the situation in the town of Schastye near Lugansk, which has been taken under control of Ukraine’s National Guard, he noted that many civilians had been killed in that operation. “We have records of the National Guard servicemen breaking windows in houses to shoot inside, caring little if there were any civilians there,” he said.

The Ukrainian army took control of the town of Schastye and a bridge across the Seversky Donets River on Saturday. The army used armoured vehicles in that operation. According to Bolotov, the Lugansk volunteer corps have already mounted anti-tank fences to stop the progress of the Ukrainian army towards Lugansk. The republic’s leaders, in his word, plan to regain control of Schastye.