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All Western countries should allow Ukraine to strike Russia — Estonian MFA

According to Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur, the Ukrainian armed forces should be given every capability to defend themselves

BRUSSELS, May 28. /TASS/. Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur believes that all Western countries should allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use the weapons provided by them to launch strikes on Russian territory.

"I truly hope that all the countries that have these assets will also give permission to Ukraine," he said ahead of the EU defense ministers meeting. According to the minister, the Ukrainian armed forces should be given every capability to defend themselves. He added that the Ukrainians have already struck Russian territory with drones.

The day before, at the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, an amendment to the final declaration allowing Ukraine to attack targets in Russia using NATO weapons was approved by majority vote. The declaration noted that Kiev was allowed to attack "legitimate targets" (military facilities - TASS) in Russia. Nine countries voted against the initiative.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suggested in an interview with The Economist that NATO members are reconsidering the issue of whether Ukraine should be able to launch strikes with Western weapons against military facilities located in Russia. Meanwhile, the secretary general said at a session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly that troops of the alliance states should not be on the ground or in the sky of Ukraine, otherwise it would be very difficult to keep the alliance out of the conflict.