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Israel looking for negotiating leverage as it seizes Hamas' 'strategic assets' — Netanyahu

This is another key to releasing our sons and daughters, Prime Minister said

TEL AVIV, March 28. /TASS/. Israel has seized "the strategic assets" of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas and plans to use them as negotiating leverage, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

"We have seized Hamas’ strategic assets. This is another key to releasing our sons and daughters. We have control of the northern [Gaza] Strip and Khan Yunis; we have divided the Strip and are preparing to enter Rafah. In order to bring not some but all [hostages] back, we need to use these assets wisely in the negotiations that I personally hold every day," he said at a meeting with the families of the Israeli hostages held by the radicals. However, Netanyahu did not explain what assets he was talking about.

"To date, we have brought 123 of those kidnapped back home, and it is my duty to bring every last one back. I won’t leave anyone behind. I am personally working on it day and night. The continued powerful military pressure that we have been and will continue exerting [on Hamas] is the only thing that has helped bring [some of] our abductees back and will bring back all [the rest]," the Israeli prime minister added.