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Missile that fell in Poland could have belonged to Kiev’s air defense forces — president

The missile drop in eastern Poland was not a deliberate attack

WARSAW, November 16. /TASS/. There is a high probability that the missile that fell in Poland came from a Ukrainian air defense system, Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday following a meeting with the country’s General Staff and other responsible services ahead of the National Security Council’s meeting.

"Several factors indicate the high probability that it was an air defense missile that had been used by the Ukrainian defense forces," he pointed out.

According to Duda, Russia fired guided missiles at Ukraine on Tuesday. "Ukrainian air defenses fired missiles in various directions. There is a high probability that one of those missiles fell in Poland. A preliminary inspection of the scene showed that the missile did not explode as usual, it was just the result of the missile falling to the ground," the Polish leader noted.

The missile drop in eastern Poland was not a deliberate attack, Duda stressed. "The fact that the missile fell on our territory was not the result of a deliberate action. The missile was not targeted at Poland," Duda added.

"We have no evidence that the missile was fired by Russia," the Polish president noted. "It most likely was a Russian-made missile made in the 1970s, like an S-300 [missile]," Duda said.

On Tuesday, a missile fell in the village of Przewodow in eastern Poland on the border with Ukraine, killing two people. Polish services are investigating the incident in cooperation with foreign experts.