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US actions overseas require public attention — Russian Ambassador

Anatoly Antonov said that the number of victims of the US Army ‘pinpoint’ attacks is terrifying

WASHINGTON, December 21. /TASS/. Claims against the United States regarding overseas actions and supplies of weapons to terrorists require more attention from the international community, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov commented on the publication in the New York Times about the Pentagon systematically concealing data on civilian deaths in airstrikes in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

"The number of victims of the US Army ‘pinpoint’ attacks (according to preliminary estimates - more than 1,500 civilians) is terrifying. Among the dead, there are women and children. Their murder is on the conscience of those in the US military and, obviously, intelligence serving it, who were in a hurry to report on their successes in counterterrorism. The officials have lost an understanding that human lives are invaluable. The excuses that innocent victims turned out to be a result of ‘honest mistakes’ seem outrageous," he said.

The Ambassador noted, "I would like to emphasize that the revealed circumstances are not the only ones in a series of criminal miscalculations from the overseas operations of the United States. The cases of the use of depleted uranium munitions against Yugoslavia, Syria and Iraq, the bombing of Iraqi Fallujah and Syrian Raqqa have not yet been investigated. Questions about the supply of weapons from Western countries to terrorist groups remain unanswered. The list of claims is long and requires closer attention from the international community".