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Quarantine, thorough testing necessary before meeting with Putin, Kremlin says

According to Dmitry Peskov, this doesn’t prevent the head of state from intensifying his working schedule

MOSCOW, July 26. /TASS/. The Kremlin continues to undertake special security measures due to the coronavirus pandemic when organizing meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is possible to meet with him personally either after a period of quarantine or following a "very thorough testing," Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday.

According to him, the special measures before face-to-face meetings with Putin depend "on the situation, the individual." "While at work, some people may be in contact with infected individuals, some of the president’s interlocutors may have had the disease recently, and so on, and so forth. This is why some undergo very thorough testing, some remain quarantined for more days, some - for fewer days," the Kremlin official explained.

"So far, taking into account that the situation is far from becoming completely normal, of course, the special precautionary measures are being taken with regards to the head of state," the spokesman emphasized.

"At the same time, this doesn’t prevent the head of state from intensifying his working schedule," the press secretary noted, explaining that he meant "moving around the country’s regions, meetings, conversations."