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Ukraine’s interior minister resigned fearing another coup in the country, says lawmaker

Member of the Ukrainian parliament Ilya Kiva pointed out that mass protests await the country in the fall

KIEV, July 14. /TASS/. Mass protests of those dissatisfied with the policy of current Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky await the country in the fall, which gives former president Pyotr Poroshenko a chance to organize a new coup d’etat, which is what caused Ukrainian Interior Minister Arseny Avakov to resign, a member of the Opposition Platform - For Life party in the Ukrainian parliament Ilya Kiva stated on Wednesday.

"The streets will be full of money, and if you add the growing unrest of the population over the doubled tariffs, then the fall theater play dubbed "Deposal of the president and re-election" will be ready, and the tickets are all sold out. Realizing all this, Avakov wrote a resignation letter before the fall events and went on vacation to take a break, so that his hands won’t be covered in blood," Kiva wrote on his Telegram channel.

The fall protests will be supported by the former president, the lawmaker added. "It is an opportunity for Poroshenko, of course, and he won’t miss it. This is a unique opportunity for another coup d’etat, and he will finance it generously, heating up the unrest and the protests," the politician said.

Avakov, who has served as Ukraine’s interior minister since February 27, 2014, announced on Tuesday that he had tendered his resignation. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky offered to appoint Denis Monastyrsky, head of the parliamentary law enforcement committee, as interior minister in his place. The Ukrainian parliament is likely to consider Avakov’s resignation on Thursday and Monastyrsky’s appointment on Friday.