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Moscow, Damascus blast US for triggering radicalization in major Syrian refugee camp

The level of crime in the camp remains high, according to the joint statement by the Russian and Syrian inter-agency coordination centers

MOSCOW, May 13. /TASS/. Washington’s actions trigger radicalization among the residents of Syria’s Al-Hol refugee camp, Heads of the Russian and Syrian inter-agency coordination centers Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Makhlouf said in a joint statement on Thursday.

"The situation in the Al-Hol refugee camp controlled by the United States makes it clear that US approaches to resolving the crisis in Syria are destructive. The level of crime in the camp remains high, the camp is facing a lack of food and good-quality drinking water, healthcare is insufficient, there are several thousand unattended children whose parents were either killed or went missing," the statement reads.

According to the Russian and Syrian officials, all these factors cause rising social and ethnic tensions among the Al-Hol residents and contribute to their radicalization.

"Given the illegal economic blockade and violations of Syria’s sovereignty on the part of the United States and its allies, who occupy certain areas of the country, the Syrian government’s capabilities are significantly limited," the statement added.

The inter-agency coordination centers noted that the United States continued to thwart the repatriation of Syrian citizens and the post-war reconstruction of the country, while US-controlled online outlets spread false information about life in Syria.