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Danish prosecution accuses Russian national of espionage

The man is suspected of sharing Danish energy technologies with the Russian intelligence, according to the local prosecution service

STOCKHOLM, December 9. /TASS/. The Danish prosecution has accused a Russian national permanently residing in Denmark of espionage, the press release by the Danish Prosecution Service informs.

"The prosecution has presented charges in accordance with Article 108 of the Criminal Code. The defendant, who has been in custody since early July 2020, is suspected, among other things, of sharing Danish energy technologies with the Russian intelligence," the message informs.

The prosecution informs that the proceedings have been launched within a large-scale investigation led by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. The prosecution will demand that the Russian national receive a jail sentence and be deported from Denmark. The proceedings will be held in closed session.

So far, the Danish Prosecution Service and the Security and Intelligence Service have not commented on the case.