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CNN: Killing of African-American by police sparks protests in Atlanta

The local human rights organization demand resignation of the city head of police

NEW YORK, June 14. /TASS/. Demonstration over death of an African American began in Atlanta, Georgia, CNN reported Saturday.

According to the report, a group of protesters gathered in downtown Atlanta. Video broadcaster by CNN shows at least several dozens of people, who demand the authorities to crack down on police abuse of power, and secure the rights of the black people. The local human rights organization demand resignation of the city head of police.

Earlier, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported a probe into the accident. According to the agency, police officers were dispatched Friday night to a fast food restaurant. A black man, Later identified as Raychard Brooks, fell asleep in his car, blocking passage to other cars.

The police officers determined that Brooks was inebriated. When they attempted to apprehend the man, he resisted, grabbing a Taser from an officer. During the altercation, an officer shot Brooks. He was hospitalized, but died in the hospital. One police officer was injured during the incident.

Mass protests and riots in the US sparked in many US states following the death of African American George Floyd. He died in hospital after a police officer used a choke hold during his arrest on May 25. All four involved police officers were fired and charged. US National Guard was has been brought in to fight the mass riots.