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Spanish socialist party wins elections, after nearly all votes processed

The kingdom's Internal Ministry said that the PSOE receives 120 seats in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies
Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez  EPA-EFE
Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

MADRID, November 11 / TASS /. The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) led by the Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wins the early elections, after 98.17 % of the ballots processes, the kingdom's Internal Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The PSOE receives 120 seats in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies (lower house of parliament), according to the Internal Ministry. The Conservative People's Party got 88 seats. The far-right Vox party, which receives 52 seats, has noticeably improved its results. Following the results of the previous elections, which took place on April 28 of this year, the political party made it to the Spanish parliament with 24 seats for the first time.

The coalitions of the left-wing political forces "Podemos" (United, we can) received 35 seats, while the Republican Left of Catalonia - 13 seats. The centrist party Ciudadanos (Citizens) received just 10 seats, which is 47 less than during the previous election. The voter turnout during this election is 69.94%.

According to the results, none of the political parties were able to secure an absolute majority in parliament in order to form a government without any hindrance. This means that after the elections, the parties will begin a lengthy negotiation process. The current general election in the country is the fourth in four years.

Vox’s popularity in Spain grew amid its stance on the Catalan crisis, which became one of the key topics during the election campaign following a verdict on the case of regional politicians involved in organizing an illegal independence referendum in 2017. The party of Santiago Abascal advocates for the abolition of the Catalonian autonomy.