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Syrian military airfield in Homs comes under rocket fire - SANA

In the attack at least one person died, two more were injured

TASS, June 3. Syrian military airfield T-4, located in the Homs Governorate came under rocket fire, SANA agency reported on Monday.

According to the report, the Syrian air defense forces repelled the attack.

According to a Syrian military source, the air defense weapons managed to shoot down two missiles. In the attack at least one person died, two more were injured, the source said. Sirfield infrastructure was damaged. The source added that the Syrian air defense was able to hit two enemy missiles while repelling the attack.

SANA source also claimed that the rockets were launched by Israel.

On June 2, Syrian air defense weapons repelled rocket attacks from Israel on the southern outskirts of Damascus and the city of Quneitra. During one of the blows, three servicemen were killed and seven others were injured.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that it had attacked Syrian territory, but noted that it did so in response to an attack from Syria. According to the army press service, on Saturday evening, two missiles were fired from Syria towards Mount Hermon. In response, Israeli fighters and helicopter gunships attacked two artillery batteries, several army posts, as well as an SA-2 anti-aircraft battery - a Soviet anti-aircraft missile system S-75.