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Bomb disposal specialists working on Sevastopol beach after Ukraine’s missile attack

The anti-terrorist commission warned city dwellers against coming close to and touching suspicious-looking objects

SEVASTOPOL, June 24. /TASS/. Bomb disposal experts continue surveying the beach in Sevastopol for explosive objects following the June 23 Ukrainian missile attack, the city’s anti-terrorist commission said.

"Operational and investigative actions continue on the Uchkuyevka beach, which was a target of Ukraine’s terrorist attack on June 23. Bomb disposal specialists, investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee and other law enforcement officers are working on the site. Unexploded sub-munitions may still remain on and around the beach after the fall of missile fragments," it said.

The commission also warned city dwellers against coming close to and touching suspicious-looking objects.

Meanwhile, director of Sevastopol’s public security department Alexey Krasnokutsky said at a city government meeting that the operation on the beach is expected to be finished by the end of the day and the beach will be closed for visiting until the operation in over.

Ukraine attacked civilian infrastructure in Sevastopol using ATACMS tactical missiles carrying cluster munitions on June 23. Four missiles were shot down, while another one exploded over the city. According to Sevastopol governor, Mikhail Pazvozhayev, four people, including two children, were killed and more than 150 others were wounded.

The Russian Investigative Committee initiated a criminal probe into the terrorist attack. June 24 was declared a day of mourning in Sevastopol and Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his condolences to Sevastopol residents.