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Russian Ocean Way vessel docks at Socotra, captain needs medical aid

Stanislav Beryozkin was taken to a hospital to undergo thorough examination, with all the required tests made

TOMSK, April 15. /TASS/. The Russian Ocean Way team of ocean travelers, currently on a round-the-world voyage, has had to make an unscheduled stop at the island of Socotra in the northwestern Indian Ocean (Yemen), as the captain needed urgent medical assistance, the head of the expedition, Yevgeny Kovalevsky, has told TASS.

"We’ve stopped at Socotra for the sake of our captain - Stanislav Beryozkin. He’s felt unwell and needed urgent medical assistance. Russia’s ambassador to Yemen contacted and made arrangements with the governor of the Socotra Island. The governor's brother and assistant were in touch with the coastal headquarters. Urgent medical assistance was provided," Kovalevsky said.

Beryozkin was taken to a hospital to undergo thorough examination, with all the required tests made.

"Thank God, the heart attack suspicion was not confirmed. Stanislav will stay with us. Most likely, it’s a spine-related problem. His life is not at risk," Kovalevsky said.

The travelers plan to stay on the island for only a few days and to set off on the morning of April 17 further along the Gulf of Aden to Djibouti. "Yes, it's risky. Yes, it's scary. But we’ve got to move," Kovalevsky said.

Russian Ocean Way voyage

The team’s leader, Yevgeny Kovalevsky (of Tomsk) and its captain Stanislav Beryozkin (of Novosibirsk) started the round-the-world voyage along the routes of Russia’s round-the-world seafarers under the auspices of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS), from Kronshtadt on July 1, 2021. They follow the same routes once explored by Ivan Krusenstern (1770-1846), Fyodor Litke (1797-1882) and Thaddeus Bellingshausen (1778-1852).

On February 28, 2023, the team started crossing the Pacific Ocean, where they suffered a shipwreck and lost their trimaran. They used a similar vessel, a sailing inflatable catamaran, to continue the expedition. However, in early September 2023, near Australia, the catamaran was attacked by sharks. The crew was rescued, but the voyagers were left without a vessel and equipment. In Australia, a philanthropist provided the sailors with a hard-hulled sailing ship to continue their journey.