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School students travel to North Pole on board a nuclear-powered icebreaker

The trip will include excursions, master classes and educational games

August 14, /TASS/. The world’s biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker, the 50 Let Pobedy, takes gifted school pupils from Russia’s regions to the North Pole. The voyage began on Tuesday. During the trip, the children will attend excursions and master classes and will play educational games, Director General of the nuclear fleet’s authority, Atomflot, Mustafa Kashka told reporters.

"It is high responsibility and honor to take young passengers on board the nuclear icebreaker," he said. "No doubt, they will be impressed by the voyage on the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear-powered icebreaker."

"On board the icebreaker, they will learn how sailors work, will see the Arctic and will get to the North Pole," he continued. "Quite possibly, after this trip some of them may want to work on a nuclear-powered icebreaker or at Rosatom [Atomflot is a part of Rosatom]."

"We are happy to open the Arctic to young Russians the year the nuclear icebreaker fleet marks its jubilee," he added.

Films and competitions

The school pupils’ expedition will last through August 22.

"We shall organize meta-skills championships on the North Pole, where the students will be challenged by questions, answers to which are not available online," Head of the Rosatom’s School project Natalia Shurochkova told TASS.

In addition to intellectual games, the students will make a film. They will take advantage of professional film and recording studios aboard the icebreaker.

"We have a team of film operators and directors, they will make videos, will work on a film devoted to the Victory Day and to the 60th anniversary of the nuclear fleet," she said.

Every student will also shoot a film using a cell phone. "Afterwards, we shall organize a competition," she said.

School flash mob on the North Pole

The voyage includes 68 school students. Having reached the North Pole, they will have a flash mob of carrying flags of their regions.

"Every student comes [to Murmansk] with a flag of his or her territory, and when we reach the North Pole, they will demonstrate all flags of our country — we have representatives of 68 regions," the organizer said. "This flash mob will be arranged and staged by the students — they will decide themselves how they will conquer the North Pole."

The voyage participants are engaged in different educational projects. "They are winners of the competitions, which Rosatom’s School has organized, as well as of other regional competitions," she said, adding that "they are the best children in this country."

Atomflot’s voyage

The voyage to the North Pole is devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet. The students aboard the icebreaker will learn about the fleet’s history and about the Arctic. The teachers' team represents Rosatom’s School and information centers on nuclear energy.

"Children nowadays are much smarter than adults, they are quicker and more interesting, and thus we, the adults, cannot provide a result to them, like it used to be in the past — in the new life, children show things, open this world to us, and our task, the task of Rosatom, is to make them competitive and successful, as in future they will manage this country," head of the Rosatom’s School project Natalia Shurochkova told TASS.