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Irkutsk's flood-stricken population receiving financial aid, says governor

Region’s governor Sergey Levchenko said that on Sunday those afflicted will receive 10,000 rubles (158$)

IRKUTSK, June 30. /TASS/. The Irkutsk Region authorities have begun transferring compensations to those afflicted by a powerful flood in the region, the press service for the regional government reports. More than 900 million rubles ($14.2 million) were allocated from the federal and regional budgets for these purposes.

"Today, the Irkutsk Region residents affected by the flood began receiving compensations. 662 million rubles ($10,4 million) for these purposes have already been allotted from the budget of the Russian Federation. The money has already been transferred to the regional budget. The region also allocated 318 million rubles ($5 million)," the statement reads.

On Sunday, those afflicted will receive 10,000 rubles (158$), the press service quoted region’s governor Sergey Levchenko as saying. Currently, the approved lists contain 3,600 names, the amounts were transferred to all the districts.

"The next task is to rebuild residences and infrastructure. As soon as water subsides, experts will start reconstructing water pipelines, electric power lines, roads and bridges. The necessary forces are already being gathered for that, such as specialists, materials, road and construction equipment. Current problems are being solved at the scene now, such as water is being supplied, places that block water are being cleared. When water subsides, sanitary clean-up will be performed," the government reports.

Irkutsk Region Flood

Heavy rains have caused the powerful flooding in the Irkutsk region. State of emergency has been introduced in the region. According to the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry’s data, 4,042 residential buildings where 9,919 people live, as well as 41 socially important facilities and 4,106 farmland plots have been flooded in 48 inhabited communities.

Late on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting in the town of Bratsk on the situation in the flooded areas. According to the Emergency Minister Yevgeny Zinichev, 353 people were injured, 97 were hospitalized, 1161 residents were evacuated, five died and another two are missing in the flood. Thirteen bridges were damaged in the flooding, traffic is restricted on the Sibir federal road and another 17 parts of local roads. Eletric supply was turned off in four districts where more than 11,000 people live.