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Funding for Russian space industry to be expanded

This will be achieved by extending space research and diversification of programs

MOSCOW, October 1. /TASS/. Russian state corporation Roscosmos plans to expand funding for the Russian space industry by expanding space research and diversification of programs, Head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin told reporters on Tuesday.

"We plan to expand funding for the industry through the orders that go through Roscosmos itself. Firstly, we are talking about expanding the space research program. Secondly, the diversification program is expanding," Rogozin said.

At the same time, Rogozin did not name specific space research programs. "The industry is growing at a fairly serious pace. Nothing is declining here," he noted.

Talking about future commercial projects, he called creation of a new line of launch vehicles the most promising. "Now we are approaching a single universal missile module for missiles of all classes, we are moving to the ‘lego’ system — assembling rockets from several universal modules. This is one family of engines based on the most powerful liquid engine in the world, the RD-171MV, its half is RD-180, quarter — RD-191," Rogozin explained.

"We are now focusing on the unifying engineering solutions, on a systematic approach that will solve all our tasks of removing loads in ultralight, light, medium, light heavy, heavy and super heavy classes," Rogozin added.

It was reported earlier that Russia plans to allocate more than 600 bln rubles ($9.24 bln) for the implementation of the state program from 2020 to 2022, according to the draft budget. Thus, 251.7 bln rubles ($3.87 bln) can be spent on the program in 2019, 198.5 billion rubles ($3.057 bln) in 2020, 209.1 billion rubles ($3.22 bln) in 2021, 208.7 bln rubles ($3.21 bln) in 2022.

Earlier, the draft budget for 2020 and the planning period 2021-2022 stated that the budget for the implementation of the Federal Space Program (2016-2025) until 2022 would amount to over 350 bln rubles ($5.39 bln).

The budget for the fulfilment of the federal targeted program for the development of space centers in 2017-2025 for 2020 reached 31.207 bln rubles ($480.66 mln), 2021 — 33.289 bln rubles ($512.73 mln), 2022 — 39.11 bln rubles ($602.39 mln).

The budget allocation for the implementation of the federal targeted program for the GLONASS system in 2012-2020 will amount to 28.847 bln rubles ($444.31 mln) in 2020, the draft budget said.

The document noted that budget subsidies for the maintenance of infrastructure in the city of Baikonur will amount to over 3 bln rubles ($46.2 mln) by 2022.