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Russian education ministry against hijab at schools

NOVO-OGAREVO, February 4. /TASS/. Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science objects to students’ wearing hijabs at general schools, Minister Andrey Livanov said on Wednesday as he spoke to reporters.

"Federal regulations specifying how school students of secondary schools should dress exist today," he said. "These are the general requirements (applied throughout Russia) and the main of them is that children should wear strictly secular clothes."

"We don’t see any reasons for a revision of these regulations today," Livanov said.

The press service of the Religious Department of Russian Moslems said on Wednesday its chairman, Rawil Gaynetdin, had sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin where he raised the problem of wearing hijabs by Moslem female students at secondary schools.

He believes that the ban on hijabs will not allow the girls from Moslem families to study and communicate with peers at schools with full efficiency and will fuel intolerance and anti-democratic trends.

On February 11, the Russian Supreme Court is expected to hear a petition from the parents of Moslem school students over the ban on wearing hijabs at schools in the region of Mordovia.

In the summer of 2013, the Supreme Court refused to overrule a decision of the court in the southern Stavropol territory, which prohibited hijabs at schools there.