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Western media’s Russia bashing doomed to failure, Foreign Ministry assures

The West’s propaganda structures have done their utmost to undermine trust in the voting in Russia’s presidential election, according to the ministry

MOSCOW, March 21. /TASS/. All campaigns by Western mass media outlets to influence Russia and its citizens are destined to fail, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The West’s propaganda structures, which "skillfully juggle facts looking for the most outlandish [conspiracy] theories on Russian social networks, and then palm them off as the truth," have done their utmost to erode the credibility of Russia’s presidential election, according to the ministry.

"Moreover, they showed thorough disrespect for Russian democracy and Russian voters, robbing them of the ability to make decisions themselves and make a conscious choice. They also took it upon themselves to ordain the validity of the presidential candidates from the opposition," the ministry said.

"[They] can indulge in as much wishful thinking as they want, but on March 18, 2018 Russians made it clear: they are concerned about their country’s fate and any attempts to influence it, especially external ones, which are doomed to failure," it stressed.