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US has no serious proofs against Russia regarding hacker attacks - foreign ministry

Moscow calls on Washington to pay attention to allies

MOSCOW, October 8. /TASS/. U.S. accusing Russia of hacker attacks is a clear political move to whip up unprecedented anti-Russia hysteria, it has no evidence at all, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Saturday.

"The joint statement by the office of the director of national intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), published on October 7, contains a series of unproved by facts accusations, stating Russia is involved in organization of the hacker attacks on the U.S. political institutes and individuals," he said. "They repeat the statements, which have been re-posted for weeks, regarding our involvement in publishing of private emails, in hacking servers and so forth."

They now even claim, he said, "Moscow used to execute such technologies in Europe and Eurasia to influence the public opinion."

"Any evidence base for such serious accusations is absolutely missing."

"Either it is kept with the U.S. Administration, or it is invented by those who now in Washington are executing a clear political order thus whipping up the unprecedented anti-Russia hysteria," the deputy foreign minister said.

Invitation is pending

"Since last November, we have invited many times the U.S. Administration to have official bilateral consultations, including specialists, on illegal actions in the cyberspace," he said. "We still have not received replies. This only makes us think whether the U.S. Administration is really interested in settlement of the emerging problems in this sphere - or it is more convenient to find new excuses for new portions of false accusations aimed against Russia."

"However, we are not revoking the invitation, it is still pending," he said.

Moscow calls on Washington to pay attention to allies

The deputy foreign minister continued, saying the whipping up of the emotions regarding the "Russian hackers" is used in the U.S. in the election competition, and the current administration in taking part in that fight does not stop at dirty methods.

"Our enemies continue the attempts to accuse Russia of interference with the U.S. home affairs," he said. "However, they close eyes on the massive, using the entire arsenals of the mass media, interference with the U.S. election campaign from European politicians of various calibers."

Some West European figures seem to "intend influencing the pre-election line-up of forces in the U.S. society," he said.

"We recommend to the American law enforcers and special forces to pay more attention to those outrageous facts and not to pretend they are not involved in the problem of interference in the U.S. home affairs," the deputy foreign minister added.