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Putin's talks with Uzbek president last until wee hours, move to latter's home — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov emphasized the good relations between Vladimir Putin and Shavkat Mirziyoyev

TASHKENT, May 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Uzbekistan was extended for a third day, as the two leaders needed more time to hash things out, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a VGTRK journalist.

Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev even invited his Russian counterpart to his home, with their talks lasting well into the night, until three in the morning,

"Yesterday, the two of them communicated until about three in the morning," Peskov said. "The Uzbek president invited the [Russian] president to his home, where he lives," he added. "This is trustful communication, a real personal friendship," the Kremlin spokesman said.

According to Peskov, on the third, additional day of the visit, the two leaders "had a semi-personal-semi-work breakfast <...> before leaving for the airport."

The Kremlin spokesman emphasized the good relations between Putin and Mirziyoyev, explaining that "that is why Putin has been there for such a long time." "It is not idle. Everything has a practical significance, and the most serious issues are being discussed," the spokesman clarified.

"The scope of bilateral relations and the agenda is so substantive, so specific and so extensive that it requires detailed talks on the part of the heads of state. This also explains the unprecedentedly large composition of the Russian delegation," Peskov pointed out.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's state visit to Tashkent was planned for May 26-27. During this time, the leaders of Russia and Uzbekistan held several rounds of talks and opened the first Council of Regions of the two countries. During the visit, 27 documents in a variety of areas were signed. Putin called it a "solid package.".