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Interethnic situation stable amid special military operation — government official

The head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs, Igor Barinov, shared that opponents from abroad failed to destabilize the situation, and people in the country, on the contrary, rallied

VLADIVOSTOK, September 14. /TASS/. Russia’s opponents aboard have failed to destabilize the interethnic situation in Russia, on the contrary people have consolidated amid the special military operation, chief of Russia’s Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs Igor Barinov told TASS.

"The situation is quite stable. And I think that our opponents abroad have failed because they focused their efforts, including financial resources, geared toward destabilizing the political situation, reducing people’s support for the special military operation on various ethnic groups, national groups. But, luckily, these efforts have turned out to be futile because sociology show that nothing of what they wanted is happening. On the contrary, we witness consolidation - this is our country’s national specifics when the situation is hard and difficult," he said.

According to Barinov, Russia’s opponents are sure to continue their efforts, hence, systemic work is needed to stand up to them.

Barinov spoke to TASS on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

The 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was held in Vladivostok on September 10-13, 2023. The slogan for this year’s forum was: On the Path to Partnership, Peace and Prosperity. The Roscongress Foundation is the event organizer; TASS was the EEF’s general information partner.