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Russia convenes informal UN Security Council meeting on neo-Nazism in Ukraine — diplomat

According to Dmitry Polyansky, Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the World Organization, the speakers will present both a historical overview of Ukrainian Nazism and its current state

UNITED NATIONS, July 8. /TASS/. Russia will hold an Arria-formula meeting of the UN Security Council on neo-Nazism in Ukraine on July 11, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said in his Telegram channel on Thursday.

"At 15:00 (local time, 22:00 Moscow time) on Monday, July 11, we will hold another informal Arria-formula meeting of the UN Security Council, devoted to neo-Nazism in Ukraine," he said. "It would be our response to Western colleagues, who express doubts about one of the main goals of our special military operation in Ukraine, namely de-Nazification, and claim that we are exaggerating the problem".

In his words, speakers will present a historical review of Ukrainian Nazism and report about the present-day state of affairs.

"Images and video footage will be shown," the diplomat added.