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Russian support requested in Latin American states, says defense chief

In Latin America, the problems of drugs production-related terrorism and colored revolutions are still acute

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Russia’s support is requested in Latin American nations where the threat of illegal drugs production-related terrorism and colored revolutions exists, Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergey Shoigu said at the Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

"We have historically established partnership relations with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other countries. They have been resisting various forms of pressure up to the threat of the open use of military force for many years. <...> Russia’s support is requested now more than ever," he said.

All problems that have been mentioned regarding other regions are relevant here as well, the minister noted. "Those are both the threat of terrorism closely connected with illegal drugs production and permanent attempts to initiate another string of colored revolutions," he added.