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Kremlin unaware if deadline is set for drafting list of states unfriendly to Moscow

The countries on the list will be restricted to or prohibited from employing Russian citizens for their diplomatic and consular offices, according to the presidential decree

MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov is unaware if any deadlines have been set to draft a list of countries unfriendly to Moscow whose embassies will be prohibited from hiring Russian citizens.

"This question should be addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The government was given the instructions. The list will be drawn up," Peskov told the media on Tuesday.

Asked when the list might be finalized, the Kremlin official replied: "I am unaware, if there is something regarding the deadlines."

On April 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on countermeasures against unfriendly actions by other countries. He ordered restricting or, if need be, prohibiting the conclusion of employment contracts with Russian citizens by the diplomatic and consular offices and offices of bodies of state power of countries that commit unfriendly actions against Russia. Putin instructed the government to draw up a list of unfriendly countries the countermeasures were to be used against.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova has said the list of unfriendly countries is being formed and the United States is already there.

"What are these unfriendly countries? The list is being formed. As you may know, the whole affair began with another spiral of unfriendly actions by the US. As far as you can understand, and I can confirm this, the United States is naturally on this list," Zakharova said on the Rossiya-1 television channel on Sunday.

"You will know what the other countries are when the government instruction is made public and the corresponding list becomes available," she added.