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Putin, Macron highly estimate detainee exchange between Russia and Ukraine - Kremlin

The two presidents discussed current issues of the bilateral agenda

MOSCOW, September 8. /TASS/. Russian and French President’s, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, gave a high assessment of Saturday’s detainee exchange between Russia and UKraine, the Kremlin press service said on Sunday after their telephone conversation.

"In furtherance of the recent Russian-French talks in Fort de Bregancon, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron gave a positive assessment of the September 7 release and exchange of detainees between Russia and Ukraine as an important humanitarian operation. They expressed the hope that it will encourage normalization of the Russian-Ukrainian relations," the Kremlin said.

Apart from that, the two presidents discussed current issues of the bilateral agenda. "They noted that the Security Cooperation Council involving the Russian and French foreign and defense ministers resumes its work in Moscow on September 9. The sides agreed to establish contacts in other formats," the Kremlin press service said.

"The heads of state agreed to continue contacts, both telephone and during personal meetings," it added.

An exchange of prisoners in the 35-for-35 format between Russia and Ukraine took place on Saturday. Efforts to organize this exchange were invigorated after Vladimir Zelensky was elected Ukrainian president. Macron said that this exchange was a major step towards resumption of dialogue on political settlement.