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Russian manned spaceship docks with ISS

"The ship docked with the Rassvet module (MIM-1) in automatic mode at 05:44, Moscow time," a Baikonur space port official said

The first manned flight according to the shortened diagram (when the spaceship makes only four orbital revolutions) was made by the crew of the spaceship Soyuz TMA-08M in March 2013, and by the subsequent manned spaceships 09, 10, and 11. However, during the previous manned space launch in March this year, the Soyuz TMA-12M traveled to the orbital station in accordance with the standard 48-hour routine.

The arriving crew are to carry out an extensive program of applied research and experiments, video filming and photography on board. They will handle the arriving Progress cargo ships and the docking with a U.S. Dragon freighter.

The ISS crew plan three spacewalks: two will be performed by Skvortsov and Artemyev, and one by Surayev and Alexander Samokutyayev who will arrive to the ISS as a member of the next mission.