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Terror attack prevented in Moscow, FSB reports

The terrorist created a stash, where the FSB officers discovered components of an explosive device

MOSCOW, October 22. /TASS/. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) apprehended a Central Asian man, who sought to carry out a terror attack in one of the administrative buildings in the Moscow Region, the FSB press service told TASS Thursday.

"The FSB thwarted a terror attack in the capital’s region. The operation led to the apprehension of a man originating from the Central Asian region, born in 1999, who was plotting a terrorist attack in an administrative building using an improvised explosive device, acting under orders of members of international terror groups," the press service said.

The terrorist stashed away key items that FSB agents ferreted out, namely components for an explosive device. His communication devices contained a long history of messages with terrorists, downloaded instructions for concocting an explosive device, and video footage of his oath of allegiance to the terror group.

"The criminal planned to leave to a Middle East combat zone later in order to participate in the terrorist group’s activities," the press service said.

A criminal case has been initiated and an investigation is underway.