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Russia’s FSB busts crime network that forged papers for more than 1,000 migrants

According to the Federal Security Service, the organized crime group’s annual income exceeded 10 million rubles

MOSCOW, March 13. /TASS/. Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers have apprehended seven members of an organized crime group and stopped operation of three laboratories that forged papers of illegal migrants, FSB press service for the Moscow Region told TASS.

According to the press service, the organized crime group’s annual income exceeded 10 million rubles.

"During the operation, seven active members of an ethnic organized crime group, involved in facilitation of illegal presence of more than 1,000 foreigners on Russian territory, were apprehended," the press service said.

Forged migration papers, and fake border crossing stamps for passports were discovered at the three underground laboratories.

The gang was busted by the FSB in cooperation with the Interior Ministry’s Main Directorate on Transport. It included citizens of Russia and Central Asian countries, and featured a network structure. The investigation continues, the press service informed.