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Russian citizen detained in Hong Kong with empty tear gas cylinders "souvenirs"

This violation would mean imprisonment of up to 14 year

HONG KONG / SIANGAN /, November 22. / TASS /. A Russian citizen was detained at a Hong Kong airport for trying to take home empty tear gas cylinders and rubber bullet cartridges, which he picked up as "souvenirs" in the protest zone, local newspaper Minbao reported on Friday.

A 30-year-old tourist picked up these "trophies" in the Mongkok area, where violent clashes between police and radical anti-government protesters have been taking place for several months. He was detained during an airport search and charged with illegal possession of ammunition without a license.

This violation would mean imprisonment of up to 14 years. However, according to the court, the tourist was ordered to pay a fine of 3,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 383), given that he did not participate in the protests and picked up the forbidden items simply out of curiosity.