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Russian ambassador confirms reports of two Russians injured in Yemen airstrike

Their injuries are not life-threatening, Vladimir Dedushkin said

MOSCOW, May 16. /TASS/. Two Russian citizens have been injured in the airstrike in the Yemen capital of Sana’a, Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedushkin informed TASS on Thursday, adding that their injuries are not life-threatening.

"On May 16, the Yemeni TV channel Al-Masira reported of two Russian citizens being injured as a result of a mass airstrike on the central part of Sana’a. The office of the Russian ambassador in Yemen, temporarily located in Riyadh, has checked these reports," the diplomat said. "We have found out that a Russian citizen <…> and her daughter <…> have received light injuries, mainly cuts by glass shards. Their house has been fully destroyed as a result of the missile strike."

"The Russians have been taken to the hospital immediately and sent to their relatives after receiving medical aid. Currently, their lives are out of danger," Dedushkin noted.

"There was a mass air strike on the city center, four houses were destroyed. 54 people were injured, 6 were killed," the diplomat informed. "The Russian embassy building is located in a different place.".