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Rusnano to invest up to $140 mln in recycling

According to Chubais, Rusnano will construct waste recycling plants

MOSCOW, June 7. /TASS/. Russia’s technology investment group Rusnano plans to set up a consortium to turn waste into energy within the investment project called First ecological fund together with the state-owned corporation Rostec, Chairman of Executive Board Anatoly Chubais told TASS, adding that Rusnano may invest up to 8 bln rubles ($140 mln) in the project.

"Potentially, Rusnano will invest up to 8 billion rubles in the First ecological fund, while Rostec will come up with the amount (of its investment - TASS) in the near future. Hopefully we will get to the signing of an agreement within two-three months, and we plan to launch the construction of the first site by the end of the year," he said.

According to Chubais, Rusnano will construct waste recycling plants.

"Some sites will be located in the Moscow Region, one site will be in Tatarstan. Potentially, the issue is about the construction of 4-5 plants with the capacity of each of them exceeding that of the existing Russian waste recycling plants taken together," he added.