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Ankara confirms permits for South Stream will be valid for Turkish Stream as well

NOVO-OGARYOVO, October 24. /TASS/. Ankara has confirmed that the permits granted earlier for the South Stream project, will be valid for the Turkish Stream as well.

"Our Turkish colleagues have approved all permits and all documents developed for sections within the Turkish economic zone for the South Stream," Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Alexey Miller said at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. "The Turkish side has confirmed that all those permits are also valid for the Turkish Stream," he added.

According to Miller, Russia will construct two pipes under the Black Sea to Turkey with capacity totaling 31.5 bln cubic meters of gas, pursuant to the intergovernmental agreement. "According to the schedule, both pipes will be ready by end-2019," he said.

Also, he said, Russia’s gas transportation infrastructure for gas supply to the marine gas pipeline is ready. "We’ve already obtained permission for the section in the Turkish economic zone - in the Black Sea from the border of Turkish and Bulgarian economic zones towards Turkey for 250-kilometer distance, for surveys," he said, adding that "all this makes us certain that both pipes will be constructed as per schedule, by the end of 2019."