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Hyperloop project does not negate need for high speed railways in Russia

The Hyperloop does not eliminate the high-speed traffic because transport with the speed of 250-350 km per hour is comfortable for people

MOSCOW, June 3. /TASS/. The Hyperloop ultrahigh speed train project does not eliminate the need of creating high speed railways (HSR) in Russia, First Vice President of Russian Railways Alexander Misharin said on Friday.

"It [the Hyperloop - TASS] does not eliminate the high-speed traffic because we need transport [with the speed of] 250-350 km per hour, comfortable for people. The mass and affordable transport is needed. The tube [in which the Hyperloop train is moving - TASS] is needed for goods," Misharin said.

Russian Railways are monitoring development of the project, Misharin said. "Let’s start from containers and goods and then, when we understand [capabilities of this train - TASS], it will be possible to make it for passengers," he said.

It was reported earlier Russian Railways are studying the possibility of using Hyperloop ultrahigh speed trains for freight transportation. The project invented by businessman and investor Elon Musk is implemented in Russia by Caspian VC Partners venture fund.